Chose The Right Detroit Michigan Luxury Wedding Venue For Your Special Day

A Detroit Michigan luxury wedding venue must be researched if you want to know that you are going to love it. After all, this is your special day, and it needs to be perfect. What makes a venue the right choice for your marriage?

Making Your List Of Possibilities

Creating list of venues that are out there can help you work through each option. Get the names and phone numbers of the venues, and make sure you call each one to see if they are still open. Sometimes online listings are old or have bad information in them. If the venue has a website, you may be able to learn more about it there as well. The information on the website may be outdated too, so call to confirm any amenities or features they talk about there.

When To Book A Venue

A venue may not be free on your chosen day. That can narrow make your list by a lot, and is why booking a venue early is recommended. Even if you’re not getting married for many months, the longer you wait to book something the more likely it is to be taken. It also may be cheaper in a lot of cases. The owner doesn’t have the ability to go overboard on the price then since you have many other options.

Find Out What The Pricing Options Are

The pricing structure that a venue offers will depend on who runs it and what it offers. Some may come with different features like fountains or maybe it’s partially outdoors. You can contact each place on your list, tell them your desired day, and then narrow it down to what you’d like the most. Have your partner look into it with you if they want to be a part of the process. This should be a great day for you and the person you’re marrying, not just for the guests you’ll be entertaining at the time.

Visit Before Making Your Choice

A lot of places look awesome in pictures and online, but not so much when you see them in person. Try to ask if you can take a look at where it is and the inside of it as soon as possible. If there are events there, then you may have to wait to watch it. But, for the most part, you can have them call you and walk you through it. Renting out a building without seeing it may lead to you finding out the day of the marriage that it’s in bad shape.

Arrange Transportation And Everything Else

Being able to make your way to your wedding venue can be a lot of fun to plan. You can, for instance, rent out a limo or there are even trolleys that some companies offer. Another factor is whether or not there will be enough parking for the guests there. Around the building, if there are not enough spaces, make sure you look around to check if there are public options that would work. If you find out there isn’t enough room anywhere nearby, then you can always arrange for transportation from elsewhere for everyone or can warn them that they may want to get a cab from where they are.

There are plenty of wedding venues in Michigan to select from. It may feel like a lot of work, but when you are finished, you’ll know that the day will be special. It’s best to set up a venue well before it’s needed, so you’re able to book an available time slot.

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Welcome to In Love In The City!

Falling in Love In the City

Welcome to the all new In Love In The City Site!

We  are in the middle of our re-launch so a lot more information will be posted soon.  Our newly revamped site will be offering an expanded look at being  in love in the city! Before we mainly posted peoples stories of falling in love as well as highlighting marriages. We will still offer those personal stories but we are also going to be adding a lot more. You will be able to find suggestions for romantic getaways, great places to dine out in major cities, tips for keeping the romance in your life, and creating spaces in your home  that are just for spending time with your significant other to name a few.

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For now we’ll leave you with this great YouTube video with 10 romantic places to visit throughout the world.