Using Home Staging to Help Sell Your Home

Home Staging example in San Antonio, TX


With today’s competitive and lethargic real estate market, home staging is quickly becoming an essential when selling a home. Staging is the most exciting investment homeowner can make as they prepare to put their property on sale.

Although the market strategy in question has outstanding outcomes, many are still reserved on the idea. Numerous homeowners are more concerned about the cost or think their property is in its best state. Believe me, that kind of mindset is very expensive. Read on, and you will be surprised to learn how practical it is to hire a staging company.

Is Home Staging Worth Giving a Shot?

Now that real estate market is shifting, it is more crucial than ever you understand what a real estate consultant does. Staging is an innovative form real estate marketing strategy that put design, landscape and artistic science into consideration. But don’t get this wrong, it is not interior design. So basically, it is preparing a home for sale by refining its aesthetics with the aim of increasing the number of potential buyers. It also helps make a concrete offer. There are no standard home staging methods. A wide range of techniques can be used depending on property condition, seller, target buyer, the markets condition and the price.

We reached out to the experts at TX Luxury Interiors. They are a home staging company in San Antonio, Texas. So here are some of the things your staging company will do to get your home ready for sale.

  1. Study your property keenly and help you come up with recommendations, cost and the plan of action
    Identify the best features as well as compensate limitations.
  2. Stager should also advise on which household furniture or possession should stay and which should be removed before the open day.
  3. Organize for repairs, lining up with painters, plumbers and supervising their work.
  4. Add warm touches before the major showing. This is by bringing in carpets, furniture, curtains and artwork. Layout, color and proportion should be the basic elements of staging; they bring an appealing touch and warmth in the house.
  5. Stage the outside. The first impression sets the tone for the entire property.

Home Staging; How Much does it Cost to Hire a Stager?

Why should one spend money on a home if they are moving out? Simple, it earns you more money and sells faster. According to research, most of the staged property sells in 3% higher than the expected price. Many stagers will charge an initial consultation fee that ranges between $300 to $600 and monthly charges of $500 to $600 per room. While some may charge by the hours you engage them. The home circumstances, the size, as well as the location, are the greatest factor affecting the price. It is also worth noting that many professionals call for a three-month minimum contract.

Homeowners on a budget can opt to pay for preliminary consultation and then implement the recommendations on their own or choose to hire a stager to work only the main areas.

Home Staging: 3 Common Mistakes Made by Homeowners when Hiring a Home Stager

Home staging does not have to be difficult if you know the important things to make the process a success. One of them is hiring the right staging company. You ought to be careful; this is your biggest asset on sale. Here are three mistakes made by homeowners when hiring a home staging expert.

Worry About the Price

Paying less and getting poor services will cost you a lot. For optimal outcomes, invest in quality services.

Hiring without Conducting Research

Since you are trusting someone with your asset, it is important to see how they express themselves. The highest quality professional should have a good portfolio of before and after photos. Ask questions about the photos and if they have little to tell about the property details disqualify them. Many companies today give their trainees ready-made portfolios.

Failing to Look for Proven Track Record

You should not engage someone with hearing what previous clients think. Ask for referrals from your family and friends. Go ahead and look for testimonials on home staging experts’ websites. If there are no reviews, call the stager and request for references.


Remember to stage your home first before listing it on the open market. This will sell your home for the top dollar and also help your home stand out from competition. As an ultimate note home staging is the most secure investment that makes additional benefits in sale prices and also sells the property fast. In addition, it is also tax withheld in the US.