How to Prep for your First Meet with your Home Remodeler

Home Remodeling blueprint image with hands

Remodeling your home can be a tricky situation if you do not have any experience with it. If you are going to meet a remodeler for the 1st time to discuss some home improvements here are some tips to keep you informed.

1st Meeting with Your Home Remodeling Company

The first meeting with your Salt Lake City Utah remodeler is very important because it enables them to understand your expectations and needs. The role of the design-build remodeler is to ensure regular communication is done with you so that you are armed with the latest information to make informed decisions.

Be Ready to talk about Your Needs

If you are thinking of remodeling something like the bathroom or kitchen, it does help the discussion to prepare a sort of written wish list of items that are vital to achieving and a list of things that are optional. This will be the jump off point to determining plans as well as costs according to Ironwood Custom Builders – home remodeling experts.

Share Information and Ideas

A lot of homeowners find it very helpful to look at books and magazines or research stuff on the Internet in order to get a handle over what their projects are.  You can do the same by sharing clippings of photos or webpages to your remodeler so that he will have a very good idea of what your aesthetics lie and what you do not want.

The Budget is Important

It is all good to talk about the nitty gritty stuff but without a budget to work on it may be hard to determine which one should be prioritized or if the project is even feasible given the scope and the actual money that you are going to shell out.  Moreover, the remodeler may not be able to give you a good estimate during the 1st meeting but will take detailed notes in order to come up with a proposal. Talking to him about the budget in hand can help him give you the best estimate for the job.


Do not be afraid to ask questions to your Salt Lake City Utah home remodeler. Things like when can they begin or how long the project will last are important. Ask about structural issues, plumbing or electrical and any concerns you may have.