Welcome to In Love In The City!

Falling in Love In the City

Welcome to the all new In Love In The City Site!

We  are in the middle of our re-launch so a lot more information will be posted soon.  Our newly revamped site will be offering an expanded look at being  in love in the city! Before we mainly posted peoples stories of falling in love as well as highlighting marriages. We will still offer those personal stories but we are also going to be adding a lot more. You will be able to find suggestions for romantic getaways, great places to dine out in major cities, tips for keeping the romance in your life, and creating spaces in your home  that are just for spending time with your significant other to name a few.

Another addition will be reviews and information on wedding venues, places to have your reception, wedding coordinators, designers, places for dresses and tuxedos, etc.

The last piece will be around dating. Places to meet that special someone, reviews on dating sites, places in major cities for that perfect date, dating tips  and anything else you need or we can think of.

As you can see we want to make this site as helpful as we can for finding love, staying in love and fun, romantic things to do while being in love in the city!

For now we’ll leave you with this great YouTube video with 10 romantic places to visit throughout the world.